The Very Full Figured Inspirational Beauty of the Year contest is here!

All people who are sized 14/XL+, and aged 18+ are welcome to apply.

Read everything below for all of the details!

If you would like to enter yourself, you must apply to be in our July, 2024 issue.

Entries are due by email on or before July 8th, 2024.

The prizes are:

A magazine cover

A customized award sash


Digital award certificate


Email us the following...

The name you go by-



Personal bio (very important part of this contest)-

5 or more unpublished photos of yourself-

No selfies-

All photographer credits, although photos do not have to be professional-

Interview questions:

What is 1 thing that you want every one of our readers to know about you?

If you could have 1 perfect day, what would you do to make it so perfect?

What makes you like or dislike a person?

What's your #1 guilty pleasure?

You are granted three wishes—what are they?

Email all of the above to:

With your photos and photographer credits.

There will be 1 annual winner.

They will be chosen based off of their application info, and photos.

They will be judged by our judges and only our judges.

This is a contest that is not about looks. It is about being an

inspirational, plus sized person who takes pride in their appearance.

Very Full Figured (VFF) magazine is a well-known,

established magazine that was first introduced in 2012.

Accepting all entries starting today through July 8th, 2024.

Thank you, and good luck!



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